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Chop’market is a platform exceptionally dedicated to the distribution of agro-food products and other Afro-Caribbean variables. As its name suggests, “chop”, a West African pidgin word meaning to eat, is defined as a community effort that synthesizes the best African and Caribbean groceries to meet a demand just as specific as varied.
We're here to make shopping fun and easy.
For the first time, Chop’market lets you order food, groceries and beauty products with the click of a button.
Our platform is designed to help you shop at almost all of your favorite African grocery stores in our city without having to visit the stores in question. Chop’market makes your life easier by making grocery shopping a service rather than a tedious task.
Our effort is to make you familiar with the African stores in our city which sell exclusive and selective ranges of products. These include food and drink, spices and seasonings, cosmetics and cleaning products. You will certainly find what you need. Now you can get all types of Afro products within 24 hours, by accessing our website or even on our mobile application available on Appstore and Google playstore.
Chop’market is here to provide you with quality, convenience and ease in your daily life.

Our history
Chop’Market is an idea that was conceived during the pandemic. During those tiring months, like you, I often had to queue to buy my African food and spices. As I suffered from the unbearable cold of Montreal, a few questions started to arise in my head: Why are there no African grocery delivery services in the city? I wondered how to make it easier for a person to cook a dish that would require the thousand and one ingredients and spices used in African cuisine without having to give up the comforts of home.
Would it be possible to offer Montreal and its suburbs an unprecedented African grocery delivery service? Can this be done via a platform that will connect Afro-Caribbean grocery stores and their customers? Can we deliver goods within a maximum of 24 hours?
After weeks of difficult negotiations with your favorite grocery stores, a long job in computer programming and a rigorous effort from our graphic designers, Chop'Market was born. Chop'Market is for us: a website and a mobile application in Apple Store and Google Play Store just for us